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A comparative analysis of MBOX to OLM vs. MBOX to PST conversions!

A recent debate that has been doing rounds on the internet relates to getting a conclusive answer as to which approach is better between MBOX to OLM and MBOX to PST conversions. The users who make switch from Mac mail to Mac Outlook often face this dilemma; conversion from MBOX to OLM becomes imperative for continued usage of the previous database. But as a result of the recent updates, Mac Outlook has become compatible with PST too. That is why users wish to know whether they must execute MBOX to OLM or MBOX to PST conversions! Without any further delay, find the answer right here.

MBOX to OLM- pros and cons

MBOX to OLM conversions used to be the only answer to the transfer of mails from Mac mail to Mac Outlook. But there are no sophisticated tools to effectuate impeccable MBOX to OLM transfers. As a result, users have time and again settled for under average conversion results; sometimes incomplete and sometimes damaged and useless files.
The reasons are pretty clear- OLM is extremely difficult to code and decode. In absence of proper tools, there is no way of achieving these conversions. In nutshell, without a proper tool MBOX to OLM conversions remain problematic and unachievable.

MBOX to PST-pros and cons

PST format used to be compatible with Windows Outlook, however, now it is compatible with Mac Outlook too. There is a perfect tool that can help the users achieve unblemished MBOX to PST results without much effort. The tool is Mail Extractor Pro!
The reasons are that PST is relatively easier to build. Furthermore, Mail Extractor Pro has been specifically developed to tackle these conversions.
In nutshell, MBOX to PST conversions aptly satisfy the basic purpose of taking up MBOX to OLM conversions in the first place. It is the perfect substitution for the job.

Mail Extractor Pro gives a smooth conversion experience!

MBOX to PST conversions can be troublesome too if not administered via a proper tool such as Mail Extractor Pro. Mail Extractor Pro makes the whole conversion experience slick and super fast at the same time. There are no hiccups in getting to the final files as opposed to the several technical halts that the users come across during MBOX to OLM conversions. Extraction of MBOX files for instance, causes huge trouble to the users. But with this tool, that part is entirely automated.
There are multiple aspects of the job that are completely optimized to suit the needs of the users. To illustrate, there are customized settings relating to contacts and calendars wherein, with a single click, the users can transfer these into single .vcf and .ics files respectively. Such options can also be found relating to setting up of PST file size and ignorance of empty folders.
mbox to olm

All in all, it can be said that Mail Extractor Pro greatly smoothness the experience of the users who convert MBOX to PST in place of MBOX to OLM.


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