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Discover the best tool to convert OST to PST in a highly controlled manner

The best tool to convert OST to PST

OST files are used by Outlook mainly in the MS exchange server. The data stored within OST files get synchronized with the PST files and with the online server, when the connection to the server is present. OST files allow users to access their emails, contacts, tasks, calendar entries, and other items offline.

However, there could be many instances when OST file gets corrupt, and you can’t access any of your items. In an office environment, this could get even more frustrating and users could easily go into panic mode.

The causes for OST file corruption could be many. Some of them include:

  • Crashing of the exchange server
  • Server down due to maintenance
  • Hardware failures
  • Virus, malware attack
  • Power failure
  • Accidental loss of the original exchange account
Scanost.exe is an inbuilt tool in Windows that scans OST file for any issues, and if found any, repairs it. But, Scanost.exe is an incomplete tool, which fails many times, and does not offer accurate recovery of OST files.

Convert OST to PST with 'OST Extractor Pro'

Sharp accuracy, faster conversions, easy interface, and safety of your files – all this could be achieved in “OST Extractor Pro” – a professional utility that converts OST2PST, and delivers high performance.

OST Extractor Pro” dealt with the most common and the biggest obstacles with OST to PST conversion, resolving it smartly, and giving the most easy and efficient way for users to recover their data. Some of the issues it resolved with OST to PST migration are listed below-
  • Data Integrity issues
  • Lack of speed of conversion
  • Complex and hard to follow GUI
  • No support for users
  • Incomplete conversion of data
  • No support for big OST files
  • No support for password protected files
  • No support for encrypted files
  • No support to split big PST files

With “OST Extractor Pro”, you don’t have to worry about any of those complications.
Following is the list of specific features of “OST Extractor Pro
  • Split big PST files into smaller ones
  • Thorough conversion, recovers everything, including emails, contacts, messages, calendars, appointments, meeting requests, distribution lists, tasks, task requests, journals, folders, posts,  and notes
  • Option to save messages in text, rtf, or html format
  • Recovers password protected and encrypted files, too
  • supports big sized OST files

Furthermore, it delivers high data accuracy. That means, it can extract all the information, data attributes, and even the smallest data elements from OST and convert it into PST files. This means, whatever is stuck in your corrupted OST files, you would certainly get it back.

Here is the list of what all “OST Extractor Pro” can preserve

  • Recovers metadata (to, Cc, Bcc, Subject, time, and date)
  • Recovers embedded images and other objects (excel sheets, word documents, etc.)
  • Recovers Unicode content (Non-English content)
You can try the free demo version now and evaluate it without risking anything. With free trial version, you can convert 10 OST to PST files from each folder.

Download and Read More:

Do not waste another second. Take the action now. You will be pleased.


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